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Continuous Integration

High Quality at Lower Costs

Continuous Quality

Maveryx allows you to integrate your tests within almost any continuous integration (CI) system such as Jenkins, Team Foundation System, BambooTeamCity, and many others. 

Continuous Integration Tools

Indeed, any CI automation server that uses tools like Gradle, Maven, or Ant can run Maveryx tests as part of the build process. 

With Maveryx, you can run your automated tests often, immediately after each build, identifying and fixing bugs as soon as possible.

Born for Jenkins

Jenkins is the most used CI/CD tool on the market. It is commonly used to build software or run regression tests. Of course, Maveryx allows executing desktop and web automated tests directly from Jenkins. Particularly, as you can run Maveryx tests from the command line or with ANT, or Maven, you can execute your test suites as a Build step in your Jenkins job. Also, thanks to the native integration of both Jenkins and Maveryx with JUnit, you can publish test results as a JUnit report in post-build actions. As a result, you don’t need to install and learn new plugins to start using Maveryx with Jenkins as part of your nightly test runs and build processes.

SDLC Integration

As Maveryx tests are executable jar or exe files, obviously, you can incorporate them into your application lifecycle within your ALM, Continuous Integration, Build Integration, Test Management, and Software Project Management tools. With Maveryx, you can bring the power of real test automation to the tools you already use.

DevOps Ready

Using Maveryx in your CI/CD environment lets you instantly know the impact of software changes on your desktop or web application. Maveryx tests can be automatically triggered by every code change, providing prompt feedback to developers to fix bugs earlier in time. This approach includes automation at all steps of the software build. It encourages stronger collaboration between developers, making Maveryx an essential element of DevOps, Test-Driven Development, and Agile development methodologies.

Improving The Product Delivery Lifecycle with Maveryx

From Good to Great Quality

Maveryx was born for continuous integration and delivery. Combining Maveryx with your CI/CD server, you can run regression tests automatically against checked-in software every time your code changes. You increase your application’s quality accuracy by continually building the software and running your Maveryx suites.

Faster time-to-market

Incorporating Maveryx into your CI framework adds value not only to the delivery quality but also to the process efficiency. A higher number of tests, done more often, gets you to market faster and frees up resources that can be used, in turn, for higher-value tasks. As Maveryx tests do not require any recording, object/image repository, and GUI map, they can be run immediately after a build, saving precious time. Maveryx helps your company be a step ahead of the competition.

Save money

Maveryx integrates with any CI server such as Jenkins, Team Foundation System, Bamboo, TeamCity, and many others. This means shortening project cycle time, early defects detection, and more “real” automation: no need to say that cost is optimized. Moreover, Maveryx easily integrates via the standard command line, so there is no learning curve and no need to spend time training your team.