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Learn from the experts to get the best out of Maveryx

Our testing automation software allows test case writing to be done in no-code and low-code which makes it easily usable even by those who aren’t developers. Developers, then, will feel at home when writing tests in a programming language.

You can therefore learn to use it by yourself, but if you want to quickly understand how to get the best out of Maveryx, using 100% of its potential, you may need in-depth training for you and your team, entirely focused on your specific sector.

This is why Maveryx offers training courses with the shared aim of giving you and your team an immediate and total command of all the tools.

Our instructors are ISEB/ISTQB certified and have more than 10 years’ experience in software testing and test automation.

Our courses

  • Introductory Training for Testers & Usersdelivered remotelylasting 8 hours, available in Italian and English, with the following agenda: principles of test automation, overview of Maveryx features and components, no-code testing: using Maveryx keywords to create automated tests, data-driven tests using external data and low-code and coded tests: create tests with MBlockly and Java, MX test execution and reporting.

  • Advanced Training for Testers & Usersdelivered remotely, lasting 8 hours, available in Italian and English, with the following agenda: Maveryx advanced components and features, creation of custom keywords such as plug-in, optimization of test automation with centralized test data, analysis of records and results, integration of Maveryx into CI/CD environments (for example, Jenkins), use of tips and tricks for simplifying tests in Maveryx.

Lab Version – both courses can be delivered on-site in order to supplement your course with a larger workshop and practical application section.

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