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We make your testing easier and faster even if you already have a dedicated software

Testing automation software packages are nice, but they don’t always contain the best for every aspect of the process nor does the proposed work model necessarily fit your organization.

That is why it’s important to choose freely and always with what’s best for your situation in mind. The good news is that with Maveryx you can do this even if you’ve invested in other suites.

In fact, Maveryx is a test automation framework which can integrate into your suite, so you use the best of Maveryx (testing automation) and the best of your other suites. In short, you can bring the innovation of our intelligent engine to your testing without disrupting the infrastructure you have already created.

It’s never too late to have zero-maintenance testing

Maveryx is unique thanks to our intelligent engine which is able to reduce maintenance of test cases to almost zero. After task-driven test cases (for example, ‘login and access resource X’) have been written for the first time, Maveryx is able to successfully run tests even when new versions of the application are released because it searches for objects in the interface in the same way a person would.

With Maveryx you will have effective tests which don’t need maintaining

  • Reduce the impact on your infrastructure to a minimum – we integrate into almost all continuous integration (CI) systems, such as Jenkins, Team Foundation System, Bamboo, TeamCity and many others; and into almost all IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, etc… You can execute automated desktop and web tests directly from the tools that you already have (ALM, Continuous Integration, Build Integration, Test Management and Software Project Management) without installing and learning new plug-ins.
  • Higher test frequency – And because, by integrating Maveryx, you will no longer need to maintain test cases, you can execute automated tests often, after every build, identifying and correcting bugs as soon as possible.
  • Boost your quality – integrating Maveryx adds quality to your software because it permits a higher number of tests, executed more frequently and in an efficient manner.

With Maveryx, test case writing is extremely easy and maintenance is next to nothing