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No need to maintain tests

Test cases written with Maveryx are always valid, even when your IT department releases new versions

Nobody likes to say it but test case maintenance takes up time and resources. The reason is simple: these days you write test cases based on the application being tested, your IT department releases a new version and the test cases no longer work. Everybody knows it, but nobody says it.

It’s the elephant in the room in our industry.

Instead, with the Maveryx intelligent engine you write test cases based on tasks (for example, ‘login and access resource X’) and Maveryx will analyze the interface, find the login form and execute the test case, even after the IT team have released the umpteenth version of the application to be tested.

And the elephant in the room gets out of the way 🙂

Tests without maintenance. Can you imagine that?

How many times have you released an application upgrade and discovered that the test written with other capture tools doesn’t work and needs to be updated? Why are we pretending that it isn’t a problem?

In the end you always reach your goal but how much time did it take? And how many resources must you dedicate to test maintenance? Wouldn’t it be nice to do something else?

Our software really resolves the problem of test maintenance because it’s equipped with an intelligent engine which recognizes elements of the new interface and automatically adapts the test instructions written for the old interface.

In fact, in order to connect tests to your application other software essentially archive and map your application’s elements in a database, but if you alter your application this map needs to be updated and with this, so do the tests; this is where the elephant in the room hides.

Instead, with Maveryx, the majority of tests that you’ve previously written continue to work without needing to update them for every little change to the application being tested: all this is thanks to the intelligent engine which doesn’t archive elements but inspects the application and recognises the elements to be tested, every time.

If you have just introduced testing automation to your business, perhaps you’ve not yet encountered this issue, but it will happen (ask your colleagues). If instead you’re not just starting out, you know perfectly well what we’re talking about.

Either way, it’s worth finding out whether what we’re saying is true, don’t you think?

With Maveryx you will have effective tests which don’t need maintaining.

With Maveryx, you will have effective tests without the need for maintenance

The advantages of the Maveryx intelligent engine

Maybe you’re already thinking about what this means for your business, but we’ll tell you anyway.

  • Save up to 50% of resources – with Maveryx cut one of the most significant costs in our sector, the cost of time spent on test maintenance;
  • Faster tests on new versions of your application – if tests continue to work even when you release a new version of your application, the tests are also faster and the application hits the market sooner;
  • Competitive advantages – Obviously if you hit the market first and spend less, there’s a good chance you’ll be stronger than your competitors.

With Maveryx you’ll no longer need to continuously write new test cases