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Save Time & Reduce Costs

Choosing Maveryx, consultants don’t have to spend time in unnecessary recordings, object repositories, GUI maps, instrumentations, and more. Your team can save plenty of time on test creation, and your consulting firm can start earning money on projects immediately. Moreover, as Maveryx automatically accommodates most UI changes from one release to another, you can also cut efforts and costs of test maintenance.

Start early finish earlier

If your firm uses traditional or Agile and DevOps approaches, working with Maveryx, you don’t need to wait for the application-under-test to start writing your automated tests. Your consultants can create robust tests early from requirements, concurrently with to software development. Our technology lets you start earlier in time, reducing recycles, leading to complete your projects quickly.

Great Quality

Maveryx unique technology cuts test development time and offers you the opportunity of increasing functional coverage. Combining Maveryx together with a data-driven approach within a Continuous Integration environment, you can run more tests more often, increasing confidence that your application is of high quality and making your customers happy.

Test automation for everyone

Maveryx involves everyone in your company to participate in testing. Consultants with coding experience can use hundreds of Java and C# APIs to build quality test scripts in their daily IDE. Functional / Technical / QA Consultants, Business Analysts and other stakeholders with few or no coding skills can benefits from our keyword-driven framework to create sophisticated tests in the most simple EXCEL format, without writing a single line of code!

Integrate Everywhere

If you are in a company that provides test management and reporting solutions, you can integrate and resell Maveryx in your products, increasing their added-value.

Maveryx core is a collection of Java and C# libraries you can easily incorporate in your tools. Our development team will help you to solve all integration issues, while marketing and sales professionals will guide you through the possibilities and the benefits of this unique technology.

Maveryx integrates with a number of tools you probably use: Eclipse, Visual Studio, Maven, Ant, JUnit, TestNG, Jenkins, Team Foundation System, and much more. Maveryx core is a lightweight collection of Java and C# libraries you can easily integrate in your existing toolchain.  With Maveryx you can continue to use your daily tools and practices, and don’t need any other investments.

First-class Support

Subscribing to Maveryx, you get direct access to 10+ years experienced engineers that will help you solve all issues in the shortest possible time. Our support team is ISTQB certified and has strong knowledge not only of all features, known issues, and workarounds but also of testing and automation practices and technologies. You will also benefit from a dedicated Account Manager to better focus on your needs thanks to a rapid and high quality support.

Our Knowledge at your Desk

Maveryx offers trainings for all skill sets and expertise levels. This help you to flatten the learning curve and maximize the return on your investment. Choosing Maveryx, you can get all our knowledge directly at your desk. You can also arrange comprehensive training courses at your office, for all team members, suitable to your level of knowledge and tailored for your needs.

With Maveryx, writing test cases is very easy
and maintenance is almost zero