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We rewrite your test cases

Completely free your team of testing, you can delegate this job to us.

If you’re thinking of introducing Maveryx to your testing and you have an application that’s already launched, you also certainly already have a wealth of ready and maintained test cases. It’s understandable that, even if you start thinking of the advantages of Maveryx, you hesitate. We get it.

We can do two things for you: get to know us and we’ll show you how easy it is to quickly rewrite them; and do it directly for you. Delegate test case rewriting to us and save 100% of your team’s time.

We rewrite your test cases and provide you with a testing tool that doesn’t need maintaining

Zero scripting, zero maintenance and you can put it anywhere

  • Save 100% of time on scripting By delegating test case rewriting to Maveryx experts, you completely free your team from this task so that you can start again with a new and more agile testing tool without breaking a sweat.

  • Save 80% of time on maintenance Once you start testing your software with Maveryx you will see that test case maintenance is next to nothing. Thanks to its intelligent engine, our tool automatically adapts to changes, guaranteeing successful testing even when the user interface is modified. Learn more

  • Optimize investments you’ve already made If you’ve already invested in broader testing automation suites, the Maveryx library integrates into the software that you’ve already purchased, bringing the innovation of maintenance-free testing to wherever you need it. Learn more

We can show you right away that Maveryx is 80% less verbose than Selenium.