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Unique features

Image-based test automation

With Maveryx, you can automate anything you see on the screen using its Image Matching technology to identify GUI elements. You can use screenshots of the GUI objects to build reliable automated test cases. Maveryx identifies these objects at runtime by visually matching these screenshots with the ones from the desktop or web application under test.

This feature is available for multi-monitor environments and even for remote testing.


Maveryx provides a visual approach to identify and control the GUI objects to test using screenshots. Test automation using screenshots is easy to learn and faster to apply both for beginners and experts. Maveryx’s Image Matching technology allows automating several tasks which would be difficult to do in code or using keywords, such as map navigation and more.

Data-driven Testing

Maveryx strongly supports data-driven testing. It allows users to separate data from test commands and run automated tests with different sets of input data to expand test coverage. With Maveryx, you can easily retrieve input and result data from external sources such as Excel worksheets, CSV or XML files, or database tables. You can use data-driven testing in your scripted or keyword-driven tests.


Maveryx is a data-driven tool that helps you to separate test data from test steps to reduce maintenance efforts and remove redundant test steps. With Maveryx, you can run automated desktop or web UI tests with different input data sets, ensuring a larger coverage. With the built-in Test Data Generator, your team can avoid generating test data manually, saving time, and remaining focused on what matters: testing software.


Every test execution in Maveryx ends with a report. Maveryx creates an XML-based test report that provides a comprehensive view of the entire test run, including test cases passed and failed. The report contains pie charts and tables that are easily readable and can help testers, developers, and managers with their jobs. The report can be customized, as well as displayed on machines that are not provided with Maveryx. Moreover, for each test, Maveryx creates a log with detailed information about the test objects, executed actions, and screenshots to easily retrace failures.


Maveryx logs and reports tests’ details from the beginning to the end of the execution, giving you a complete, real-time picture of your test runs. You can share Mavery’s reports with your team to evaluate the effectiveness of your tests and set goals. Managers will benefit from these reports in assessing the application quality. Last but not least, as Maveryx’s reports are XML-based, you can use them in your Business Intelligence or analysis toolchain.


Maveryx is deployed as a software library, so it can be used in almost all IDEs. You can create and run your Maveryx tests directly in Eclipse, Visual Studio, or other IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and more.

You can choose either Java or C#: testers using Java can work in Eclipse, and those using C# can work in Visual Studio. Maveryx includes a plug-in for the Eclipse Java development environment that enables you to create, edit and execute tests in Eclipse.

Maveryx tests can be run using JUnit/NUnit and Maven, Gradle, or Ant.

As Maveryx tests result in executable .jar and .exe files, you can run your automated tests in any Test Management tool that supports them, like Qtest, Zephyr, XQual, Micro Focus LeanFT, and more.


Maveryx work with all popular IDEs. It enables you to efficiently create and manage your automated tests without changing your favorite, comfortable development environment. Testers and developers can choose Java or C# to create reliable test scripts. No vendor-defined scripting language to learn and use! The plug-in for the Eclipse Java development environment gives you all tools to start automation in a while.


Maveryx comes with hundreds of APIs and keywords to allow you to do almost everything you can think of. If you are an expert tester or developer and prefer to write your tests in code, you can use the rich functions within the Java or C# library. If you are a beginner or don’t have any programming skills, you can choose from a large pool of keywords. Is this not enough? Maveryx can be extended by adding new, high-level, or low-level APIs and keywords to provide new functions for building more sophisticated tests for desktop and web apps.


Maveryx provides a pluggable architecture that gives you the freedom to expand its base functionalities. Expert testers or developers can create new Java/C# APIs and keywords for the entire team to fit test requirements, simplify script creation and maintenance, deal with custom objects, and more.