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Maveryx offers you benefits like nobody else

Our competitors often tell you about the functional features of their testing automation software, but we believe that you’re interested in the benefits for you! On the other hand, telling you about the benefits without discussing how we deliver them might seem like it’s too good to be true.

That’s why, in the figure below, we wanted to depict our benefit system by connecting them to Maveryx’s main functions and our offer system to show you how we keep our promises.

Are you a manager?

You are probably more interested in the benefits in the strictest sense of our proposal (the left-hand side of the figure): cost reduction when writing and maintaining tests makes the investment pay off sooner, time savings translate to a faster time-to-market compared to your competitors and we offer you the chance to manage hybrid teams (80% non-technical) which simplifies your life from an organizational point of view.

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Are you a tester?

Discover all the technical features (the right-hand side of the figure) which enable Maveryx to keep the promises it makes. Our innovative interface inspection technology brings forward the start of test writing and eliminates its maintenance costs; the no-code and low-code interfaces expand the team to domain experts and reduces test writing time and costs; the cross-platform, cross-technology and integration features will help you to integrate Maveryx into your team’s development processes.

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Are you a consultant?

As well as the business benefits and the technological features that ensure them, you will be interested to know that we are by your side with ad hoc support, training and services.

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