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Write tests with APIs

With Maveryx you can write tests directly in a programming language

If you’re an expert developer, you can write test cases directly with code. Maveryx offers you three different approaches to make test writing accessible: Java, C# and APIs.

Maveryx can be integrated into your development tools which will allow you to create tests in the way you prefer, put together tests written by your domain experts in the no-code or low-code modes available to them, extend keywords and blocks to benefit them and make them even more autonomous.

Are you a developer? Challenge accepted!

If you’re a developer and have innovative and out-of-the-box ideas for writing tests, write tests how you want with Maveryx!

If you’d like to, you can contact Alfonso Nocella, our Co-founder and Sr. Software Engineer and pitch him your approach! Fill out the form below and take the challenge.