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How it works

An innovative test automation solution that’s already the future

Maveryx optimizes software testing through automation and it does so with a multi-platform framework based on a graphical user interface to test a wide range of web and desktop technology. With Maveryx, all the limitations of software testing, all problems that until yesterday were taken as a given, are overcome by a functional, regressive, data-driven, codeless and maintenance-free test case testing.

Test all your software

Desktop testing

Test automation for any desktop application which reduces test development times, makes them accessible even to domain experts with no programming expertise and offers full desktop application coverage, ensuring testing on every operating system.

Web testing

Web application test automation reduces time and simplifies test creation, and is able to test any web application regardless of the technology and verify that they run in any browser.

You decide how to use it

Maveryx offers easy interfaces for all tastes and technical abilities, from a no-code mode (as easy as using Excel) to a low-code mode (drag & drop in MBlocky), and finally to more formal modes directly in code.


Basic Excel files to input instructions, with the necessary keywords already pre-set, your domain experts can write complex cases without any developing expertise.

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The drag&drop environment and reuse of parts in MBlocky is perfect for domain experts with some technical expertise to quickly build test cases.

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A system in which programmers feel at home writing tests in a development environment, but also when assembling no-code and low-code tests made by their colleagues.

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With Maveryx you can write test cases without knowing a line of code