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Write tests before the app is ready

Tests independent to the application, this is a revolution

We write tests once we have the application, so we can also launch the Record and Replay tool, right? WRONG!

Forget the old approach, according to which you needed to have the finished application in order to write tests. With Maveryx you can get going much earlier.

In fact, Maveryx tests applications from the user interface, and from that layer recalls functions from the layers beneath. This means that to write tests only the application’s interfaces need to be ready.

That’s why you can dedicate yourself to the test script even before the application is ready and that’s why our system barely needs you to maintain test cases. Watch the video!

With Maveryx, write tests straight away and launch your software on the market before the competition

Time to Market in concert with the Maveryx intelligent engine

Maveryx allows test cases to be written without needing to use Record & Playback tools, but based on the description of the application’s graphical user interface (a model of the application’s UI). This approach is made possible thanks to the Maveryx graphic object recognition engine, which identifies elements of the interface with which to interact during test execution.

It is precisely the Maveryx intelligent object recognition technology that, by inspecting the user interface of any desktop or web application, regardless of the technology and directly during test execution, makes it possible for tests to run even if changes have been made.

And rest assured that they’ll be ready even if the application has not yet been completed. But they will be easily dealt with by Maveryx without harming your time advantage.

  • Reduce time to market – with Maveryx it is possible to start writing tests before anyone else and accelerate time to market without compromising on quality. Build stable and reliable automatic tests directly from the requirements, simultaneously with application development. And even if something changes along the way, the automated tests remain valid.
  • Save precious human resources – if you can write the tests before the application is ready, you can organise people’s work better, avoiding peaks in workloads and keeping your organisation’s growth under control.
  • Free developers from testing – Maveryx supports test automation based on interfaces. This makes creation of reliable automated test cases accessible even to less-qualified staff and frees up precious technical resources. Of course, the no-code and low-code writing options make this even simpler.

With Maveryx, writing test cases is very easy, and maintenance is almost zero