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We change the way people think about software testing. And we do it in a big way.

If you’re discovering Maveryx for the first time, forget everything you know about testing automation.

Stop for a second and try not to take as a given all the time and resources it takes to write test cases and maintain them.

Imagine that there is a way to make all of this simpler and faster, that you can entrust test writing to non-technical staff and there is no longer need to maintain tests.

Now you’re ready to change your approach to testing automation

We’ve already done it.

  • Save 50% – With Maveryx, cut costs related to the time that your technical resources dedicate to writing and maintaining tests.
  • Faster Time to Market – With Maveryx you can start writing tests even before the application is ready, thus accelerating testing to launch it on the market sooner.
  • Improve quality – Maveryx reduces testbench development times so your team can focus more on improving your software.
  • Free up developers – Maveryx is easy to learn and even faster to use, even for beginners.

Here’s how we do it

With Maveryx you don’t need to maintain test cases

In your company’s routine, the large amount of time and resources allocated to test maintenance is probably taken as a given: each time that the application is changed, your testing team is obliged to update the tests.

Not with Maveryx! Our software really resolves the problem of test maintenance because it’s equipped with an intelligent engine which recognizes elements of the new interface and automatically adapts the test instructions written for the old interface.

Therefore, the majority of tests that you’ve previously written continue to work without the need to update them for every little change in the application being tested.

We support hybrid and sustainable teams

Software testing is costly, and the highest price is that which you pay in terms of precious time and resources that you have to allocate to testing.

Maveryx allows you to write no-code and low-code test cases: both require little to no programming skills, allowing you to entrust test drafting also to domain experts and manual testers instead of limiting yourself only to developers.

In this way, teams are hybrid, domain experts contribute autonomously to tests, developers are mainly focussed on developing the application and only a few of them coordinate testing.

Write tests before the application is ready

As it stands, your team starts writing tests once the application is finished and this lengthens the time to market. But what if you could write tests at the same time as developing the application?

Maveryx enables end-to-end software testing from the graphical user interface. For this reason, you can start writing tests when the interface is ready, long before the application is completed, at the same time as it is being developed.

In this way, test writing happens in tandem and you accelerate your time to market without compromising on software quality.

Maveryx integrates with your investment strategy

You have invested in an extensive and expensive testing suite and you’re probably having a bit of trouble with the idea of starting from scratch.

Maveryx makes application testing easier and quicker without squandering the other software licences you’ve already bought because it integrates into almost every system, including continuous integration (CI), and into almost every IDE. In addition, we offer custom integration services.

With Maveryx, test case writing is extremely easy and maintenance is next to nothing