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It supports hybrid and sustainable teams

With no-code interfaces, test cases can be written by manual testers and domain experts, freeing up precious resources

Test writing doesn’t need lots of developers with Maveryx. In fact, we’re offering you no-code and low-code interfaces so simple that they can be used by manual testers and domain experts, reducing intervention from developers or senior testers to a minimum.

In this way, you build hybrid teams, in which 80% of members are made up of domain experts and the remaining 20% are developers, to whom we give tools to integrate test cases written in no-code and low-code.

You are guaranteed detailed and precise testing that doesn’t require a large number of technical resources, so that they can focus entirely on development instead.

With our approach not only is writing tests easy, but you don’t have to maintain them either because our intelligent engine automatically adapts to changes from various upgrades, ensuring test success even when the user interface is modified.

  • Maximum accessibility – with no-code and low-code writing tools you don’t need to know or learn complex technology from long and expensive training courses. With Maveryx your team quickly becomes productive and starts writing their first test cases straight away.
  • Cost reduction – if you can put together hybrid and less technical teams, it goes without saying that you will make significant savings. The financial side of things is not secondary.
  • Boost your quality – think about it: if you save time and resources that you normally spend on testing, you can invest them in other activities that can improve the quality of the applications you create.

With Maveryx, test case writing is extremely easy and maintenance is next to nothing

We train your staff to give you the best

Maveryx brings test automation to manual testers and domain experts, freeing up developers thanks to its extraordinary scriptless platform which makes it faster, easier and more reliable.

To further accelerate test writing, we train your operators in the different ways of writing test cases. And in the more complex cases, we tailor ad hoc training sessions to meet your company’s needs. 

We accompany you on your journey of Maveryx discovery with ad hoc training for your business