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The testimonials of those who appreciate us because we keep our promises.

Maveryx has users worldwide and across various sectors: Aerospace, Medical, Finance and Insurance, IT. Our software performs exceptionally well and delivers on its promises.

We are accustomed to supporting large, skilled development teams testing complex and non-standard functionalities with advanced integration requests.

We prioritize the security and privacy of our clients’ projects, dedicating the utmost care and confidentiality.

This combination of effective software and dedicated support makes our users happy, and we share in their satisfaction.

Aerospace and Defense

“Using Maveryx in an Aerospace and Defense framework allows for the identification of low-level application bugs much earlier, preventing costly testing phases later in the project.”

One of the most significant uses of Maveryx has been in the Aerospace and Defense sector, introducing automated testing in highly complex air command and control platforms.

“Maveryx was considered the ideal tool for quickly and efficiently integrating with extensive existing code, providing a robust framework for testing new additional functionalities. The experience of all team members in systems and software, along with Maveryx’s open architecture, gave our clients confidence in the potential success of automation integration.”

“Currently, we run nightly automated GUI tests, including unit and smoke tests, and weekly collaborative automated tests.”

“Utilizing Maveryx in an integrated continuous integration framework, we identified numerous low-level bugs in our application early on, before reaching costly project testing phases. Maveryx is a fundamental pillar for our testing strategy’s success, and their ongoing partnership is highly valued.”

“Our commitment to test automation and finding a partner willing to embark on that journey was crucial. Our trust in the Maveryx team is well-placed, and they consistently honor their commitments to us.

Having a partner willing to work with us and adapt their organizational processes was key to our success.”


“With the support of the Maveryx team, we were able to automate a first test plan in a few days. Their technology, as opposed to other GUI automation testing tools, promotes efficiency by not having to spend a long time developing an object repository or recording the test in the UI.”

Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world.
The Healthcare ecosystems deliver mission-critical services and tasks in a highly complex and fast-changing environment. The automation of tasks is the unique way to reach high results in terms of software quality.

The challenge for Dedalus was to find an easy-to-use tool, with a functional approach allowing tests to be written by non-developer teams.
On top of this, the integration with the CI/CD pipeline was mandatory.

The QA team, over the years, has allowed the SW engineers to experiment with various tools to identify the best suitable for business needs. We tried several products, but all had the same problems: high technical level required, long period for onboarding to achieve enough functional coverage.

We met Maveryx during a meeting with Microsoft, after a first technical meeting we decided to continue with a Proof Of Concept. With the support of the Maveryx team, we were able to automate a first test plan in a few days.

Their technology, as opposed to other GUI automation testing tools, promotes efficiency by not having to spend a long time developing an object repository or recording the test in the UI. The keywords approach, that allows defining the actions to be performed on the application under test, was very powerful for us and the possibility to create our own keywords standardizes our methods to speed up the on-boarding of different teams according to the different needs.

Today, we use Maveryx for QA verification tests on each release for a couple of products, we plan to extend the use on most of our product range because our teams have been able to early identify bugs in the applications, we save a lot of time and we improve the quality!
We integrate Maveryx with Jira and we are working to integrate it with the CI/CD pipeline to nightly and weekly build.

We can say that Maveryx helps us to have a standard and easy test strategy, the support in terms of hints to reach a goal or to fix an error is immediate, the expertise and availability of Maveryx team are without any comparison.

Industry professionals

“Innovative, effective and efficient”

“Innovative, effective and efficient”

Overall: Having done test automation for almost 20 years, I learned, from painful experience, that the most important feature of good automation is its maintainability. One of the most important steps toward it, is to make sure that any object accessed, or otherwise needed, can be found efficiently and consistently independently from possible changes. When I stopped at Maveryx at a testing conference, I was intrigued by their claim to have solved this problem but was rather sceptical. I had so many questions and, in the end, they gave me the product to test on my own. Yes, it works (unless your developers are not only clever but evil!) and I have also come to believe that they really understand the importance of maintainability: their product is not only about getting automation out fast, it also considers its maintainability.

Pros: Thanks to its runtime GUI objects recognition feature, it is possible to reduce the automation development time while improving maintainability

Cons: You need time to get used to the new way of thinking

Great tool

Overall: I had to implement automatic JAVA GUI testing quickly without spending too much time acquiring knownledge in any language/tool. Maveryx totally fullfiled this assumption.

Pros: This product is very simple to install, configure and use. It gives very good results in terms of results (not toom much false alarms).

Cons: Unfortunatelly, Maveryx was not compatible with all JAVA GUI.

With Maveryx, writing test cases is incredibly easy
and maintenance is almost zero.