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We’re proud to announce the new release: Maveryx 2.6.0

Posted by on 16 January 2023 in News

The Maveryx Team is proud to announce the release of Maveryx 2.6.0 that integrates all-in-one solutions for automated UI functional testing of Web, Java(TM) & Windows(TM) Applications.

Maveryx is a powerful and revolutionary solution which provides testers with automated testing capabilities for UI functional testing, regression testing, data-driven and codeless testing.

Maveryx 2.6.0 enhances the core platform by adding new capabilities, including:

  1. NEW – Web objects retriever/finder (2x faster than the previous one)
  2. NEW – Shadow DOM management
  3. NEW – Automatic WebDriver download manager
  4. NEW – Connecting to a running Java application
  5. Reporting system upgraded
  6. Security enhancement
  7. NEW keywords in Keyword-Driven Framework
  8. NEW – added support for JSON in data-driven testing
  9. Maveryx server engine launched automatically at Windows(TM) startup
  10. NEW – Added Windows(TM) context menu (right-click) to rapidly launch Keyword-Driven tests
  11. Bug fixing on
    • “Core” platform (Java, Windows and Web)
    • Keyword Driven Framework
      …and other minor improvements

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Enjoy using Maveryx,
The Maveryx team