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Testing Web Apps in headless mode

Posted by on 2 February 2021 in Blog, Tips

Using the Maveryx Test Automation Framework you could have the need to test your Web Application without loading the UI. Maybe because your tests’ execution environment has no opened sessions or even no Desktop GUI, or you want to save the system’s resources… or maybe because you just want to.
For example, this can be useful when running tests in a CI environment where nobody is “watching” the visuals, so there is no need to have the extra overhead of the browser GUI.
Anyway, it is possible to execute your browser in headless mode, this means with no UI, and it is possible to launch your Maveryx tests in this headless browser.

The Chrome browser is also a headless browser. You can execute it using some parameters in the command line. Here is an example:

You can use these parameters in the Maveryx AUT (Application Under Test) Launch File, like in the following example:

Also, Firefox is a headless browser and here you can see some useful execution parameters…

…together with a Maveryx AUT Launch File example for Firefox:

Headless Testing can be a very useful tool in Web test automation. With headless testing, it is also possible to generate screenshots and PDF files of web AUTs.
Many and many other things could be said about it and we’d love to hear your opinion on that.