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Maveryx @ ISTF 2019 in Milan

Posted by on 9 May 2019 in News

The Free Access Conference will take place on June the 5th.
STF proposes a Plenary Conference in the morning, technical Workshops and Special Sessions of the Conference in the afternoon, all with free access, where having the opportunity to go in-depth in understanding how solutions for Software Quality are applied and used in real cases.

Speeches and workshops will focus on the following topics:

Quality of software-intensive products and services

  • What the different market sectors require in terms of quality
  • How companies move to meet quality goals
  • Trends in the IT sector: investments, costs and benefits of quality
  • The contribution of standards and certification schemes

Topics always in the focus of the sector

  • Mobile testing
  • Agile testing
  • Security
  • Performance testing
  • Requirements engineering

New perspectives for innovation

  • Testing & Requirements Engineering in new or complex emerging domains
  • Testing & Requirements Engineering for Machine Learning
  • Quality in DevOps
  • Quality in the Internet of Things
  • Innovation in Requirements Engineering & Testing for Mobile Applications

New generation tools for cutting-edge technologies

  • Crowd Testing
  • Machine Learning for Testing & Requirements Engineering
  • Big Data Automation Testing: Architecture & Performance 
  • Testing Strategies for Microservices Architectures
  • A / B Testing

Maveryx participates in the Italian Software Testing Forum 2019 to share with the Italian testers community its idea about testing automation and the innovative technology, particularly focusing on “early release” and “no test objects and scripts maintenance” goals.

Join our workshop, “Enhanced test automation for Web and Desktop apps”, at 14:30 on the 5th of June.

The workshop addresses some of the points about developing a test automation framework where the keywords are simplicity (of creation), efficiency (improved functional coverage), repeatability and robustness (to UI changes)…you will see a technology able to let you save your time, that you will use to improve test coverage while reducing costs.