Maveryx has runtime GUI Inspection & Objects Recognition capabilities, thus provides you more time for improving functional coverage and quality. You have to write test cases, Maveryx will run them all, regardless the AUTs technology. It supports Java, C/C++, .NET, VB, Web (for the most common browsers) and Android applications. Just one script to test them all.

GUI Testing - Maveryx is designed to fully exercise Graphical User Interfaces, no matter domain size, actions’ sequences and changes: just write your test cases and nothing else.
Functional Testing - Maveryx lets you writing your test scripts starting from the functional requirements specification of your Application Under Test regardless implementation and technologies.
Regression Testing - Maveryx lets you executing more and more times your tests without changing the test scripts, even if the Application Under Test has changed since the tests creation.
Keyword-driven Testing - Maveryx lets you designing your tests as executable Excel™ sheets or XML files. You won’t need to separate design and development of tests anymore, or writing code.
Data-driven Testing - Maveryx supports easy-to-use Excel, CSV and XML files to create data-driven test suites. Also, it allows implementing data retrieval from any DBMS or custom sources.
Continuous Integration - Maveryx easily integrates automated testing in your CI environment, increasing release speed without compromises on quality. It supports the most common CI tools, like Jenkins.
Custom Extensions - Maveryx offers an extension mechanism to let you customize its functionalities to better fit your domain and technology needs: custom controls, keywords (actions) libraries.
Image Recognition - Maveryx lets you work on the images handled by your Application Under Test or identifying and locating GUI objects, even custom objects, by images.
Eclipse Integration - Maveryx integrates with Eclipse IDE. The plug-in for Eclipse is designed to give you a reliable, efficient and integrated environment in which build and run Maveryx test cases.