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This is Maveryx!

Pubblicato da Il 30 Luglio 2020 in Blog

Maveryx was born as an open-source project, from a team of graduated (computer engineers, computer scientists and physicists) IT professionals and friends.
We were working in different fields (research and industry), but we used to discuss often on the QA and test automation realities and their issues. We decided to stop just talking and do something more. We projected a new approach to create automated tests and a new technology. It was 2009.

We called the prototype Megaride, as the island of the Gulf of Naples where, according to the myth, Partenope the mermaid died after Ulisses refused her. The same place where the ancient greeks landed for the first time in this part of Italy and created the colony Partenope that then became the new city “Neapolis”. The rock where the beautiful “Castel dell’Ovo” raises.

The open-source project spread very soon in many fields and companies, so we decided to create another improved version of the tool. At the end of 2010, the first version of Maveryx was born. The project was very successful, and in 2012 we created the Maveryx Company moving from friends, to colleagues, to associates.

Being technical guys, we created both the technology and the company, focusing on getting rid of the technological limitations of test automation. We strongly believed that innovating test automation means making it easier, accessible to everyone and more manageable. Easy means everyone who can use a pc can write automated tests. So we decided to create a technology able to act as a person, able to look at the AUT (Application Under Test), understanding what it is watching, recognizing the objects to test and performing actions as a person does.

The tool aims at eliminating the automated tests’ dependency on artefacts connecting the domain of the AUTs with the tests’ cases. This means no need for GUI Maps, Objects or Images Repositories, no need to capture and reply or code instrumentation. A Maveryx component, the Runtime UI Inspector, acting as the “eyes” of a person, looks at the AUT directly at runtime producing a Maveryx internal representation of the GUI and its state: the Snapshot.
This Snapshot is passed to another fundamental component of the architecture, the Intelligent UI Objects Recognition Engine, able to intelligently explore it and locate the GUI objects encoded in the tests’ scripts. The last step is the execution of the tests’ actions on the corresponding GUI objects by the Robot Component.
This approach gets rid of time to create and maintain useless artefacts reducing the release time of the AUT, and helping to improve functional coverage.
At the same time, the technology wants to eliminate the dependence on the AUTs’ development technologies. This means that it is possible to run the same tests’ scripts on different implementations of the same functional requirements with the same GUI specs.
Last but not least, the tool aims at being friendly with every kind of testers, no matter if they are able to write code or not.

The idea beyond the Maveryx tech is giving to testers (more and less skilled) the tools to let them focus on their inspirations, without distractions and useless tasks.

Maveryx is an interesting story. A small reality born from a group of friends that wanted to simplify testers’ lives, solving problems with which they usually had to deal in their daily lives. We’ve made a few steps from there, a lot of changes, victories and mistakes. But we still remember why we first started, and what is our main objective.
Our mission keeps on being innovate test automation providing solutions for everyone, programmer tester and non, that are simple and easy-to-use and that allow to minimize the release time and efforts. We do that by delivering quality products and establishing trustworthy relationships with our customers. With Maveryx, the aim is automation, but the focus is on people.