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Maveryx 1.7.0 Released

Pubblicato da Il 11 Aprile 2017 in News, Senza categoria
The Maveryx Team is proud to announce the release of Maveryx 1.7.0 Java Edition for our subscribers.
Maveryx is one of the world leading automated functional and regression testing tool for Java(TM), Windows(TM), Web
and Android(TM) applications. 
It is a powerful and revolutionary solution which provides testers with automated testing capabilities for functional
testing, regression testing, GUI testing, data-driven and keyword-driven testing.

Maveryx 1.7.0 Java Edition enhances the core platform adding new capabilities.

The new Maveryx release features some new capabilities, including:
1. NEW - API
	+ Added a new API to control the component for capturing the GUI objects of the application under test
	+ Added new APIs that uses image recognition to identify and control GUI components
	+ Added new new APIs for managing combo boxes
	+ Improved the performance of the high level APIs (hence of the Keyword-driven framework)
	+ Added support for Environment Variables in file MaveryxSetup.xml
4. Bug fixing and other minor improvements

Comprehensive documentation, cheat sheets, and example projects are available to help you get started. If you'd like
training, consulting, support or coaching for Maveryx and/or help with your test process, our team of test experts
will be happy to help you.

Enjoy using Maveryx,
The Maveryx team