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Alfonso Nocella

BetterQA and Maveryx to make a mark in testing automation.

Pubblicato da Alfonso Nocella Il 28 Marzo 2023 in Blog

As a company committed to focusing on people, we’re excited to collaborate with BetterQA, which shares our commitment to helping customers enhance the quality of their software and services.

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How to Automate Functional UI Testing by the I-A-C pattern

Pubblicato da Alfonso Nocella Il 13 Ottobre 2022 in Blog

We generally use to consider Functional UI Testing the most critical type of testing because, first of all, an application must do WHAT it is supposed to do…

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How to easily automate React Application testing

Pubblicato da Alfonso Nocella Il 15 Settembre 2022 in Blog

Here we are going to see an easy practical example of how to test a React Application…

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Working with Web Elements

Pubblicato da Alfonso Nocella Il 23 Novembre 2021 in Blog, Tips
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