Maveryx, Dynamic Automation Framework

dynamicMaveryx is a dynamic test automation tool powered by an object recognition system that gets the user interface structure and locates the GUI object to test directly at runtime. No more static, a-priori, “GUI Maps” are required! You don’t need to wait for the application under test in order to capture the GUI Maps and start automation. You can create your own test scripts early in the software life–cycle, long before the application is released for testing.


Maveryx features a new dynamic Test Object Recognition system for automatically identifying the GUI Objects to test without using any ‘GUI Map’ (or ‘Test Object Map’).

Using Maveryx, you can create and run your own automated tests without:

  • (Pre-)recording or capturing GUI controls, windows or screens in the application under test
  • Creating and maintaining any GUI Map
  • Loading any GUI Maps inside the scripts
With Maveryx you can just code & run your tests!

Thanks to its advanced recognition engine, Maveryx dynamically, at runtime, takes ‘Snapshots’ of the application user interface and automatically identifies the GUI Objects to test.

With this technology, you don’t need for the application under test to start creating your test suites. Test automation will start early in the life–cycle, running in parallel to the application development. The produced tests will be immediately executable, without any additional effort, as soon as the software is released for testing. By this approach you'll benefit from finding errors earlier when they're easier and cheaper to fix.

In case of an application environment where the graphical user interface is undergoing changes, using Maveryx, you don’t have to modify or recapture any GUI Map for regression testing, avoiding significant maintenance burden.

Maveryx is a new testing framework designed to facilitate test creation with low test maintenance.

Benefits using Maveryx:

  • Reduced cost of automated GUI testing - Getting rid of GUI Maps, Maveryx cuts the effort, cost and risk for test creation and maintenance.
  • Early test automation - As NO application is needed to start writing tests, Maveryx allows getting an early start with test automation.
  • Code & Go! - Maveryx allows you to easily create automated tests that are runnable immediately after the application is made available for testing.
  • Focus on testing rather than GUI Maps - Maveryx enables testers to focus on the testing and the test automation project issues rather than on capturing and maintaining GUI Maps.

Maveryx looks at the application user interface as a human tester in front of a computer screen.

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