Keyword-driven Testing

Keyword Driven Testing is one of the simplest yet powerful testing methodologies, available both for manual and automated testing of applications.

The fundamental idea in Keyword-driven Testing is to provide a set of “building blocks”, referred to as Keywords, which can be used to create manual or automated test cases without requiring detailed knowledge of programming or test tool expertise. In keyword-driven testing, each Keyword corresponds to an individual testing action like a mouse click, selection of a menu item, keystroke, opening or closing a window.

Maveryx Keyword-Driven Testing allows you to start automated testing right now, without delay and without scripting.

Maveryx features strong and unique support for keyword-driven testing through Excel spreadsheets and XML files. You don’t need any programming knowledge to start writing your automated tests. Maveryx Keyword-driven testing enables users, even inexperienced, to create powerful automated tests without programming scripts. The only skill required is Excel!

Maveryx offers hundreds of built-in keywords to rapidly develop reliable test scripts. Moreover, you can make your tests even more flexible by using variables rather than hard-coded data. Variables enable you to automatically retrieve external data, which you’ve saved in an Excel or CVS sheet, XML files, etc.

Maveryx keyword-driven testing promotes script reuse and enables manual testers to easily and selectively leverage the power of automation within manual test cycles.

Maveryx makes automation accessible to everyone: non-technical, such as business analysts or manual testers can develop automated tests via Excel, while expert testers or developers can use tons of Java APIs in their favourite IDE (such as Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ Idea).


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