GUI Testing

Modern applications have rich and powerful Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) allowing users to display information and to access all application’s features easily. Dozens of screens, hundreds of graphical control elements like buttons, menus, text fields, lists, windows, etc., and an “infinite” number of possible user interactions…

GUI Testing is the process of testing the application’s user interface, verifying that the application functions correctly. GUI Testing includes how the application handles keyboard and mouse events and how GUI components respond to user input.

In this scenario, manual GUI testing is time consuming, expensive and error prone. This is why Automated GUI Testing is essential in this process.
To save time, effort and costs, Maveryx implements an innovative technology. Differently from all other tools, using Maveryx, you don’t have to capture and maintain any GUI Maps (Object Repositories), Screens or Widgets of the application’s user interface.

Once designed the UI tests can be immediately run against the application-under-test. Maveryx provides an intelligent system to uniquely recognize and locate the GUI objects to test directly at runtime during test execution, even if the objects have changed since test creation.

Avoiding any recording, you can spend the saved time to write new tests increasing the functional coverage to deliver more quality software.

Traditional tools, based on Record & Playback functionality or on GUI Maps, force the test team to stop until the application is released. Using Maveryx, all tests can be developed in parallel to software development and run immediately after the application is available for testing. This ensures starting automation early in the software lifecycle gaining valuable time to market.