Maveryx technology grants you an incredible speed up to your delivery time, cutting your budget up to 50%. It gives you more time for thinking about testing, improving the functional coverage and the quality of your product. The benefits, in terms of time, costs and quality, grow up with the complexity of your project.



Maveryx® allows you to code and go, creating your tests meanwhile the development of your software. No more waiting for the release of the Application Under Test to manually record actions, or manually creating GUI Maps, and so no. Also, you won’t need to waste time anymore in maintaining those recorded actions, Maps, etc.
You will be able to focus on functional coverage, considerably improving the quality of your product with fewer complications and effort.

  • Yearly a user develops about 2000 working hours;
  • By using Maveryx he will gain about 1000 hours to improve functional coverage (or doing something else);
  • In terms of money, Maveryx will repay its own costs about 20 times per user, in just one year of subscription.

That’s the MaveryX factor!

Release your quality software in half time: Test it Simple!