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 is the world’s #1 most innovative test automation tool for functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing and data-driven testing of all Java and Android applications.

With more advanced testing capabilities (No GUI Maps, Intelligent UI Objects Recognition, Keyword testing …), Maveryx is the award-winning alternative to average commercial tools for users and organizations that prefer a better, faster and more easy approach to automated testing.


Maveryx is simple–yet–powerful. Innovative and lightweight yet full-featured.

No UI Maps. No Test Recording

Java and Android.start-here_blu

Maveryx provides automated capabilities for testing Android(TM) & Java(TM) applications. Its unique technology allows users to run the same scripts, without modification, against Java Desktop Applications as well as any Android App on real mobile devices or on simulators.
No UI Maps. No Test Recording

No UI Maps. No Test Recording.start-here_blu

Maveryx eliminates any UI Map or Test Object Map. No control or widget recording, No screen or image capture is required to create, build and run the tests. An innovative Machine-Vision-System allows fast, accurate and robust inspection of the application User Interface during test execution. 
Intelligent Object Recognition
Intelligent Object Recognition.start-here_blu_p

Maveryx provides classic to fuzzy matching algorithms to recognize test objects quickly and accurately. A sophisticated Search Engine allows locating objects during test execution even in case of partial or approximate matching, misspellings and synonyms or if the objects have changed since test creation. 
Data-driven Testing.
Data-driven Testing.Maveryx supports easy-to-use

Maveryx supports easy-to-use Excel, CSV and XML files to create sophisticated data-driven test suites. The platform allows implementing data retrieval from any database including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Microsoft Access or from custom sources, such as INI, TXT, HTML files and others.
Keyword-driven testing
Keyword-driven testing.start-here_blu

Maveryx features strong and unique support for keyword-driven testing through Excel spreadsheets and XML files. Keyword-driven testing with Maveryx enables users, even inexperienced, to create and update powerful automated tests without programming scripts. Maveryx offers a rich set of built-in keywords to rapidly develop robust test scripts.
Automated Verification Points. Checkpoints
Automated Verification Points. Checkpoints.start-here_blu

Maveryx includes JUnit assertion-based verification points that enable users to test their assumptions about the application under test. Verification points in Maveryx check that a test action has taken place (e.g. a text was entered), or check the state of an UI object (e.g. a text field is editable). 
Distributed Testing.
Distributed Testing.start-here_blu

Maveryx supports distributed testing. From one central place, test scripts with complex use case scenarios can be executed remotely on a single machine or in parallel on multiple, heterogeneous (e.g. with different OS, JRE …) platforms simultaneously.
Plugin System.
Plugin System.start-here_blu

Maveryx is designed with an open plugin architecture allowing users to create customized extensions. New plugins can be easily added to extend the functionality of Maveryx including support for custom controls, new APIs, custom keywords, matching algorithms, data sources, checkpoints, and more.
Eclipse Plugin.
Eclipse Plugin.start-here_blu

Maveryx integrates with Eclipse IDE. The plug-in for Eclipse is all designed to give users a reliable, efficient and integrated environment in which build and run Maveryx test cases using the full power of the Eclipse IDE. Developing with the plugin is highly recommended and is the fastest way to get started.
Maveryx and Android
Designed for Android.start-here_blu

Maveryx enables testing to be performed on real Android devices (NO rooting is required!) and on emulators. NO modification of the app is needed. With a minimum of configuration, testers can build fast, robust and repeatable automation scripts that can be run on multiple devices (from Gingerbread 2.3).
Technical Support
Technical Support.start-here_blu

Maveryx includes two Technical Support options – Basic and Business – where Maveryx engineers provide customers with code-level assistance, helpful guidance, or point them towards the appropriate technical documentation, the latest software updates, hot fixes and maintenance releases.


Maveryx is an ever-expanding collection of features that makes automated testing more powerful, innovative and quality-focused. Here are just a few examples.

Supported  Operating Systems Automated Test LogsGoogle Translate API for multi-language testing java_icon java_icons android version is here

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