Maveryx, Plugin-based Automation Tool

extensibleMaveryx comes with a rich, easy-to-use and powerful set of Java APIs for building effective functional & regression test suites. This extensibility is achieved through a plug-in mechanism allowing users to enhance the environment capabilities by developing and installing plug-ins.

Maveryx is designed to include hooks and mechanisms for expanding and enhancing the test automation framework with new capabilities without having to make major changes to the system infrastructure. Extensions can be through the addition of new functionality or through modification of existing functionality.

Maveryx can be easily extended through “plugins” and programming interface. Plugins are additional pieces of software that provide extra functionality and allow you to do more with Maveryx.

By leveraging extensibility mechanisms, you can enhance the basic set of capabilities provided by Maveryx and adapt it to meet your unique requirements and organizational needs. Having the ability to customize Maveryx for maximum functionality makes the testing process faster, cheaper and easier.

You may extend the Maveryx core by adding new components implementing dedicated support for:

  • Custom GUI controls
  • New Test Actions and Verifications
  • More advanced Search Algorithms for GUI Object Recognition
  • New GUI Technologies
  • …and more…

Plugins and test libraries can be developed using the Java language and the Maveryx API. Create extensions is simple, you can do it yourself, or ask us to help.

Benefits using Maveryx:

  • Versatile extensibility – Maveryx can be extended without limits, growing with you to meet your unique scenarios.
  • Interoperability - Maveryx is designed for maximum extensibility and provides you with the ability to integrate any third-party software.
  • Extension rather than reinvention – Extensibility provides you to add, remove, or augment automated testing functionality without extensive & expensive coding
  • Freedom to change - Maveryx provides its extensibility to users and lets them change how the framework functions.
  • Flexibility, Modularity, Reusability

Extensibility is an essential element of any programming technology or framework. Maveryx offers extensibility through a modern framework and powerful APIs.

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