Maveryx, Intelligent and Resilient Test Automation

intelligentMaveryx allows users to create robust test scripts directly from specifications even if there are partial info on the GUI Objects to test. The advanced GUI Objects Finder supports approximate matching algorithms to uniquely identify and locate the GUI Objects to test even in case of incomplete information provided in the test scripts or if the Test Objects have changed since test creation. Maveryx enables testers to automate tests resilient to frequent application user interface change.

As part of the Test Object Recognition system, Maveryx provides an intelligent GUI Object Finder to automatically identify, at runtime, the GUI Objects to test, even if the objects have changed since test creation.

This advanced component includes fast pattern–matching capabilities to unambiguously identify and locate the GUI objects named in the test scripts even in case of approximate matching with the runtime GUI controls.

The pattern–matching capability can rapidly find “fuzzy” matches, not just identical matches, since it tolerates differences due to partial matching (substrings that are close matches), insertions or deletions of words, typing errors, spelling errors, closely related vocabularies, etc. The measure of approximation is the Levenshtein edit distance.

With this powerful technology, Maveryx enables you to automate tests resilient to frequent application user interface changes. Changes, even minor, to an application's user interface can break the test scripts which depend on the modified parts. Maveryx introduces this intelligent capability to automatically accommodate these changes at runtime, without modifying the scripts, avoiding increases in maintenance overhead.

Approximate matching also enables you to write reliable tests early, from specifications, even if requirements or design documents are unstable or contains partial information.

Benefits using Maveryx:

  • Smart identification - Maveryx provides several weighted pattern-matching algorithms to automatically identify, during test execution, static and dynamic GUI Objects in the test application.
  • Fuzzy matching - Maveryx features approximate matches tolerating changes as long as partial information or errors that can hamper test script execution.
  • Resilient tests – With Maveryx you can design robust tests in any application environment where the graphical user interface is undergoing to frequent changes.
  • Easy-to-use – This technology is completely transparent to the user. You don’t have to use any Find method, XPath query or other constructs in your code to locate the objects.
  • Extendibility – Maveryx can be easily extended with additional matching algorithms to support your specific needs.
  • No maintenance overhead – This approach avoids that the benefits of automated testing are quickly lost in expending great effort keeping test scripts up to date.
  • Supporting Agile GUI Testing – Maveryx is suitable for automated GUI testing in agile environments where in the first few sprints the product's UI changes frequently.

Maveryx is designed to be robust enough to adapt to a changing application with minimal changes. This unique feature allows test cases to run unattended 24/7.

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