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Software Edition Community
Certified Software ReleasesFully-tested and refined software releases.
 Product UpdatesUpdates include service packs and patches generally released quarterly to correct issues with Maveryx software.
  Product UpgradesUpgrades include major releases of Maveryx software.
 Hot FixesEmergency Hot fixes are downloadable code fixes that patch critical issues in Maveryx software.
 Core FunctionalityFunctional GUI Testing, Regression Testing, Data-Driven Testing, Distributed Testing, Checkpoints, Test Script Debugging, Test Run Reporting, Extension Plugin Mechanism, Eclipse plugin.
 Enhanced GUI Object Recognition “Geolocation” inspired algorithms for more Robust GUI Object Recognition.
 Keyword-Driven Testing
 Advanced Testing APIMaveryx advanced API to expand your test capacity including GUI Testing, Checkpoints, Test Data Generation and much more...
 AUT Configurator Easy and fast Java™ application to avoid manual configuration of the application-under-test.
 Community SupportForums, Blogs, Social Networks, Media Galleries…
 Professional SupportAccess to a global network of the most experienced, motivated, and knowledgeable Maveryx support engineers.
 Customer PortalThe Maveryx Customer Portal is the online platform that brings Maveryx experts (like engineers, product managers, and sales people) to your organization through knowledge and support to give you help and guidance.
 E-mail support
 Advanced DocumentationThis knowledgebase contains the entire suite of end user documentation (guides, articles, questions archive, best practices, screencasts…) for Maveryx software.
 Number of Support Requests Per YearA Support Request is a request for technical assistance from Maveryx. NOTE: Enhancement Requests or Bug Reports do not count against your allotted Number of Requests. 4 10
 Hours of OperationTechnical support coverage hours. Business Hours* Business Hours*
 Maximum Initial Response Time 3 Business Days 1 Business Days
 Number of IncidentsEnhancement Requests and Bug Reports. Unlimited Unlimited
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